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Re: NO dinner, still yet ! Outlaws
Posted By: earthquake923, on host
Date: Friday, November 19, 2004, at 12:58:48
In Reply To: Re: NO dinner, still yet ! Outlaws posted by lindalloo on Friday, November 19, 2004, at 02:21:16:

> > > > it has to be semantics. I've been in. I've been out. I've tried different combinations of shops. I've got myself almost baldheaded, by now....but still NO dinner.
> > > > can you answer this :
> > > > when I come in, should I go straight for dinner or inquire what's down that hall ? does it matter ?
> > > > OR, is this daylight savings time & it should be "after" the shops have closed ?
> > > > linda(one scraggly hair left)lloo
> > >
> > > Okay, finally managed it.
> > >
> > > I think it's got to be before the shops close, and don't bother to inquire.
> > >
> > > I just kept going in and out of the building, going down the hallway each time to check for activity, and leaving the building and coming back in when I did. After a few tries, the chairs were full and I sat down.
> > >
> > > Still haven't gotten anywhere since that salesman is never in his room... guess I'll try again.
> > >
> > > -Mandi "mmm, pie" aka Chaos
> >
> > Does something specific have to happen before dinner is held in the dining hall? I rented a room there, did nothing the whole day but go in and out of the boarding house, going down the hall each time and never saw anyone there! (Sold gun, rented room for a week.)
> >
> > Carrying: 37 Dollars, Altar Cloth, Key, Cabbage, Your Gun, Hat Pin, Playing Cards, Spittoon, Matches, Feather, Button
> >
> > -Rog"but when do /I/ get to eat?"nik
> well, you do have to go to sleep, so that it can be daytime. if you arent' sure whether it's night or day. go to bed, then start over. you can be going in & out all night, but no meals will be served.
> hope this helps !
I can't figure this out either. I can't believe a game involve time but no clock, and no way of telling what time it is.

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