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GOA: ring/horse/Blood Droops
Posted By: bubba1, on host
Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2004, at 18:19:16

I'm at a stand still. I just need a little push in the right direction.
(I've found the secret place, by the way and will have to go back
later) Here's what I have.

8 Bronze Coins
Guard's Sword
Piece of Trash
Picture (stolen one)
6 Red Gemstones
Stone of Strengthening
4 Black Gemstones
Food Rations
Key of Opening
6 Apples
Clear Focus Stone
Magnifying Glass

I don't have enough bronze to buy the horse. The blacksmith
keeps spitting in my face and chasing off all the townsfolk when
I try to get them to listen to me with the ring. Blood Droops is
too busy to talk to me. I can't get into the tower or upstairs in
the royal living quarters or downstairs in the servants quarters.
I'm obviously missing something. Will anywone tell me what that
might be?

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