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Re: GOA Dead stone, I NEED SOMONE, SIlly
Posted By: silverfox, on host
Date: Monday, November 15, 2004, at 12:16:17
In Reply To: Re: GOA Dead stone, I NEED SOMONE, SIlly posted by Oceanangel on Monday, November 15, 2004, at 02:02:25:

> > Okay got to have a dead stone to get a live one but where?
> > Still have no money.
> > Try to go back to where the dragon is and now I cant climb all the way up why?
> > Got that stupid shack open to find it empty and the point of that was???
> > Where are all these gems?
> > How do I get to the dragon now?
> > where do I get that stupid stone from?
> > why do I have a dead fish?
> > Here is my list again
> >
> > Diving Mask
> > Pick
> > Life Preserver
> > Food Rations
> > Rope
> >
> > Broken Free Trial Sword of Failing
> > Ticket
> > Guard's Sword
> > Dead Fish
> > Key of Opening
> >
> > Magic Armor of Magic
> > Key of Questioning
> > Stone of Strengthening
> > Bucket
> > Crate
> > Okay some good hints would be appreciated at this point because I am now aggro after finally getting out of jail getting clean and getting that crate, talk to guide and now find I have to find an old stone first ugggghhh then the shack is empty urgggghhhh cant get to dragon now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggggggggghhhhhhh okay now thats out of my system can someone help me out here geeesh.
> >
> >
> >HELP I need somebody, HELP, not just anybody, HELP, I need somone, HEEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!
> Could You lend me a helping hand
> Come on if I am singing the Beatles I must be in need, not that I have anything against the Beatles but......
> A little remake of Imagine
> Imagine theres no answer
> to where to go in GOA
> Imagine all the shadows
> laughing at my character today hee hee
> Some will say I'm an idiot
> but there not the only ones
> maybe someday you will help me
> and then GOA will be won.
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
first off go to the portal and go throught and go north and meet the wise man. perhaps you should return home and return with that boulder. bowling anyone?

now you need to pay a vist to marion and sell some stuff. onece you have done that do see darius. be sure and sell that life preserver too. it takes determination to sell it.

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