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Re:TOA Its Sunday ate bad sandwich etc
Posted By: Oceanangel, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 20:01:44
In Reply To: Its Sunday ate bad sandwich went to event done tasks where now? posted by Oceanangel AKA known spoiler sometimes lol on Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 19:58:13:

>this post is for TOA by the way
Okay first off here is my list
> Map of Elkland
> Quantum Calculator
> High-Heeled Shoes
> Course Textbooks
> Luna's List
> Backpack
> T-Shirt
> Crowbar
> Rusty Key
> Jug of Acid
> Purse
> Gym Shorts
> Note from Chris
> Dinner Invitation
> ID Card
> Tennis Shoes
> Picket
> Gas Canister
> Hovercar Key
> Red Dress
> Enrollment Sheet
> Ladder
> Okay I have Verna and silus in the shack nerds in the parking lot dont know how to get them to junkyard, I completed the tasks the photos the bombs and collecting the books and the one to get the ladder but I ate the bad sandwich and woke up on sunday after attending that dinner inventation, met my roommate not much to say and now I just seem to be walking around with nothing new coming up and getting the same responses as the day before so I seem to be stuck in a rut as to what to do now, what do I do with the ladder the acid and the container or any of the stuff I have that I havent used yet and what is this bus you guys keep talking about?
> Oh and when will I get my letter for finacial aid?
> I called my parents after calling brother did I waist a coin?
> How many days does this game go through and what is in those tarpins that I cant untie the ropes to or get pass the boy to get in and what about these booths am I suppose to trade something?
> Its like you get going so good and then bam your stuck and usually by the time I get a reply I have done moved on but please respond asap I dont like to wait and as I said I am not going to read through every TOA post marked HELP or Stuck because they could be anywhere in the game.
> Come on guys lets get better with are subject headings and start really helping one another.
> Now I will say HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! HEE HEE

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