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Re: TOA: car bombs (spoilers welcome)(POSSIBLE SPOILER)
Posted By: Oceanangel, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 19:27:55
In Reply To: TOA: car bombs (spoilers welcome) posted by bubba1 on Tuesday, November 9, 2004, at 17:44:50:

> I'm getting quite frustrated running from parking lot to parking
> lot and I'm always coming up a move or two short. I need help!
> Thnx. Here's what I have:
> /
> 2 Rocks
> Hovercar Key
> Red Dress
> Enrollment Sheet
> Dinner Invitation
> Map of Elkland
> Quantum Calculator
> High-Heeled Shoes
> Bacon Sandwich
> Gas Canister
> Backpack
> T-Shirt
> Crowbar
> Course Textbooks
> Timer
> Purse
> Gym Shorts
> Note from Chris
> Rusty Key
> Luna's List
> ID Card
> Tennis Shoes
> Picket
> Wheelbarrow

Start with p3 next to the science building and from there go west to you come to next parking lot from there you will head north but you will have to make a move at some point to the east before you can continue north but I wont say when and from there you will continue north until you reach the NWP and then you will go southeast which will take you back to the center and then you will go to where your car is then you will go north then east till you reach the last one I wont say how many times you have to move in each direction or how many moves you have to make, you will just make it though, but it took me many tries to get this so I hope this helps.

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