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Re: GOA - shower
Posted By: silverfox, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 14:19:18
In Reply To: Re: GOA - shower posted by LadyNate on Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 14:02:32:

> > Diving Mask
> > Pick
> > Life Preserver
> > Dead Fish
> > Crate
> >
> > Broken Free Trial Sword of Failing
> > Ticket
> > Stone of Strengthening
> > Bucket
> > Magic Armor of Magic
> > Key of Questioning
> > Food Rations
> > Rope
> >
> > I have tried going every direction from the center of the plaza at least a million times but I just can't get through. Am I missing anything? Please help me!
> >
> > try going into the forrest from your house. you need to take a look a that black thing on the ground. try it you'll like it.
> >
> > silver"portal"fox
> >
> > Right, I should probably have mentioned that I'm already in Larosis and that I'm trying to get arrested so that I can clean myself up. Sorry.
> >
> > to get cleaned up, you need to find water. there's a house you can access. try going east on the Warrior Commons.
> > linda"back door"lloo
> >
> > to get arrested as you asked go to where the lady is selling linnens and get real pushy to the east.
> That's just it. I tried going east literally 50 times and I just can't get through. Any advice?

go south from the place where you got the cate. do some exploring check out that house to the west and the police station even further south. then return and get shovey. try to push your way to the west.

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