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sandstone caverns yet again
Posted By: Jen, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 01:06:02

Sorry to do this again, but I've been at this for hours.

I'm in the sandstone caverns with a working map. I know of three exits out of the caverns besides the 3d barrier. I think I'm supposed to get the cart rolling again, but have no clue as to how I catch up with it, or where, or why. It seems from reading relevant posts that I'm on the right track. I've broken the pillar, so that's not a problem. Any tips would be great.

You're Carrying:

3 Nanoxite Stones
Passcard (CQ20024)
Gold Key
5 Peryolitium Shards

Passcard (CQ30021)
Peryolitium Key
Sledge Hammer
Leather Briefcase
Passcard (CQ60537)
Vault Key

Round Pot
Metal Briefcase
Supply Room Card
Dragon Key
Noise Filter Headset
Small Mirror
Employment Papers
Mine Access Card
Sleeping Pills
ISO Access Form

OSA Card
Light Tube
ISO Energy Pulse Gun
Violations Report
Izacladia Access Card
Radio Receiver
Tranquilizer Gun

Tranquilizer Spray
ISO Accident Report
Business Card
Fire Extinguisher
Military Uniform
Yellow Plant
Scrap of Paper
Iron Key
ISO Officer's Cap
I.D. Card
Silver Key

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