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Re: Game of Ages: Pheicryn
Posted By: silverfox, on host
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2004, at 11:43:28
In Reply To: Re: Game of Ages: Pheicryn posted by Rognik on Thursday, November 4, 2004, at 23:47:51:

> >
> > > > I think I'm at the very end of the game. After all, the giant army marching on the city is usually the climatic end. ;) I'm fighting Pheicryn at the murder-hole and I find myself going in circles. Either I'm pinned down, hanging from the murder-hole or having her teeter over the murder-hole. Attacking her with my bare hands doesn't push her over, and kneeing her just makes her right herself. Do I just need to whack her with the chain a bunch of times, or is there an escape route?
> > > no escape route. you have to get thru her. :o( try different combinations, always examining the area, to see which gives a different response, from her. eventually, you'll get there !
> >
> > two things you have to do. open a murder hole and hit her with your magic stone. when you use your hands you can usually then get the chain and use it. use your hands at the murder hole and kick her. you will eventually get the best of her.
> I've got the murder hole open, and I can only hit her with the stone when I'm in the middle of the pinned phase. Is that where things'll change, or do I need to hit her out of phase?

when you hit her she becomes disoriented. stand and hit her with the stone. you can only grab chain or stone when she is disoriented. then use them. you can not do anything when you are pined except scratch and hit. you have to get away from her before you can do somthing.

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