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Perils of Akumos: after 1st assignments
Posted By: Rognik, on host
Date: Sunday, October 31, 2004, at 22:58:50

So I've completed the first tasks of my new job as Kenneth. (Yay!) The coupling was easy once I read and understood the instructions and saw which circuits were fried.

Random tasks not indicated by inventory: broken open the panelling in CG6 but can't take the tubing, cat has escaped to the kitchen, one piece of tubing has been installed, the boy wants a better (probably real) gun, I've completely beat up the soda machine. I think that's everything. I've talked to almost everyone I can meet and think of, more than twice, and I'm now running around the ring in a neat little circle.

I've read messages of a pet leash being in the arboretum. I've walked all around it, talking to everyone and I haven't seen the option to get a leash. Nor have I found a way to carry the cactus to its cacti buddies. Could I get a strong, heavy shove in the right direction, please?

You're Carrying: 1 Peryolitium Shard, Passcard (CQ60537), Light Tube, Pet Snacks, Small Mirror, Leather Briefcase, Supply Room Card, Radio Receiver, Washcloth, Employment Papers, Business Card, Fire Extinguisher, Plastic Cup, I.D. Card, Crowbar, ISO Officer's Cap, Round Pot

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