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Re: mine cart
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 04:09:49
In Reply To: Re: update still want info (dont read if your early in the game) posted by Oceanangel on Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 02:56:36:

> ok I got into Kelp's office got the card got the papers gave the info to Kevin who says I need more evidence got the wrench but how do I get the keys off the janitor since he is sedated now,
> blasted that room open got more of those shards but carson wont take no more from me fixed the wheel for the guy in the mine got into that room in the ore place but cant do nothing with controls and I still cant get into that womans room who owns the soda machine and dont know where to get a soda from, I still have not gotton into the sandstone area yet cause I dont know how to catch the runaway cart and no one will tell me, and possibly by the time someone responds to my post I may have progressed further by then but what am I overlooking how do I catch that cart and how do I knock over that pillar? oh and the lockers that are near one of the docks how do I open those since the crowbar dont work. This is a long game

For the cart: when you jump off, the cart's still going down the rails through the tunnel. There are two things to do:

1. Find out where it comes out (it has to be where some rails pass by, obviously, and keeping the general direction you were travelling, it would most likely be somewhere south or east of where you jump off).

2. Figure out how to get to where the mine cart comes back into the open, in as few moves as possible (it might help to draw a little map to make sure you don't miss any areas). Also for this to work, you absolutely must do something about the stalagmites north of the pillar.

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