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Re: GOA Used Focus Stone
Posted By: silverfox, on host
Date: Thursday, October 28, 2004, at 16:24:23
In Reply To: Re: GOA Used Focus Stone posted by Ghoti on Thursday, October 28, 2004, at 14:59:51:

> > >
> > > You know. I'm probably standing right on it and don't even know it. I've danced in the indentation, thrown something heavy at the gate, searched that rubble a hundred times, and have been all over the three worlds as far as I can figure to go. Yet... that dang stone is still missing. *pouts* Here's my inventory:
> > >
> > > 560 Gold Coins
> > > Guard's Sword
> > > Bucket
> > > Portrait
> > > 9 Red Gemstones
> > > Stone of Strengthening
> > > Wire Clippers
> > > Piece of Trash
> > > 1 Black Gemstone
> > > Food Rations
> > > Key of Opening
> > > Crate
> > >
> > > Am I missing something? Please help. n.n;; Thankies!
> > >
> > > ~T
> >
> > well, you're missing your rope. it will be used many times, through-out the game, along with the crate, so you need to keep tabs on them.
> > you say you've been in the 3 worlds, right ? including Llagimlyn ? if you've already done the vandalizing, I think you need to explore the chasm, a little more thoroughly.
> > hope this helps
> Hmmm. My rope is in that stupid hole in the chasm, I'll go fetch that after I finish writing this. As far as the worlds... Uhm. Maybe I'm counting too many. Larsis (sp?), the chasm area and my home area. I have no clue about vandalizing, unless I've done that already and am just not getting your hints. *sighs* Maybe I'll just go look around some more. Thanks. ^.^

have you returned to your homeworld of boredom and returned with the boulder. that will get you a used focus stone. you must bring the boulder back via the way you got to this world in the first place. the boulder is near your house. be brave and bring it back.


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