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Re: POA - getting further into the mines/Sandstone area?
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2004, at 02:12:29
In Reply To: POA - getting further into the mines/Sandstone area? posted by istara on Monday, October 25, 2004, at 16:43:20:

> 2 Nanoxite Stones
> Scrap of Paper
> Business Card
> Fire Extinguisher
> ISO Officer's Cap
> Leather Briefcase
> I.D. Card
> Silver Key
> Crank
> Pet Snacks
> Employment Papers
> Passcard (CQ20024)
> Gold Key
> Pickaxe
> Matches
> ISO Access Form
> Passcard (CQ30021)
> Peryolitium Key
> Wrench
> Washcloth
> Violations Report
> Passcard (CQ60537)
> Vault Key
> Noise Filter Headset
> Round Pot
> Experimental Results Papers
> Supply Room Card
> Dragon Key
> Knife
> Small Mirror
> Beetle Analysis Papers
> Mine Access Card
> Crowbar
> ISO Energy Pulse Gun
> Sleeping Pills
> Peryolitium Shell Diagrams
> OSA Card
> Light Tube
> Tranquilizer Gun
> Tranquilizer Spray
> ISO Accident Report
> Izacladia Access Card
> Radio Receiver
> Military Uniform
> Golden Necklace
> The most recent thing I have done is fix the mining cart
> wheel with the wrench. Now I am stuck.
> I notice that everyone else seems to have at least 5
> Peryolitium Shards (the ones I had were traded for
> dynamite, and some miners confiscated another) but I can't
> find any more, despite repeated searching.
> I also can't find any stalacite or pillar areas. I drown in both
> the streams. I have made a sort of map of the area I've
> covered so far, but everywhere on it leads to a dead end or
> back to the exit.
> Please be as spoilerish as possible with advice/help,
> because I have already read all the help posts I can but
> none of them make any sense (for my situation).

Here are some things you can do at this point:

1. Look around in the northeast area of the mines. There's a new area you can get to with a bit of persistence trying an option.

2. The miner that you helped free from the sandstone caverns left the mines, but he had to stop for a rest somewhere before going back to the Corolis. If you can find where he is, he'll let you have an item you need.

3. Looks like you can trade for another dynamite at this point.

4. The last barrier, by the sandstone caverns, is a bit tricky. You cranked it from both sides, but it wouldn't open. Knowing how the barriers are supposed to work, it seems that that one's stuck a bit. What might you try in real life to fix a mechanical problem like that?

5. There's something you can investigate near your living quarters, and you can get another item there.

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