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Re: tool for conduits
Posted By: lindalloo, on host
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 20:15:35
In Reply To: Re: tool for conduits posted by aolfreak123 on Friday, September 3, 2004, at 22:23:16:

> >
> > > > Please someone tell me where I can get a tool to work on conduits.
> > > > When I try to rotate them it says something is too large and it has indentions but I can't get the wrench if that's what I need.
> > > > Please help me.
> > >
> > > have you talked to the young man around the supply area ? I think he'll be able to help you. from the maintenance dock C, go south, til you reach supply storage area. examine all your different branches, there, gaining access wherever you can.
> > > hope this helps !
> >
> > I went and got the metal plate but I can't find a place to use it.
> > I still don't have the tool for the conduit because it won't let me rotate anything and talks about indentions. here is my inventory if it will help:
> >
> > 1 Rubber Tube
> > / Passcard (CQ60537)
> > / Light Tube
> > / Washcloth
> > / Leather Briefcase
> > / Supply Room Card
> > / Metal Plate
> > / Plastic Cup
> > / Employment Papers
> > / Business Card
> > / Radio Receiver
> > / Round Pot
> > / I.D. Card
> > / Crowbar
> > / Fire Extinguisher
> > / Small Mirror
> Go to Docking Bay C and talk to Phillip. Then you will see an option to use it. At some point, you might want to go to the kitchen (in the game) and install the first rubber tube (you can install it before you find the other three). I'm pretty sure that you won't need the wrench until much later.
> Anyway, I have a few questions myself. Does anyone know where you can use the golden necklace? (which you get after giving the cat to Caroline). I'm pretty sure it's near the end of the game because I've heard (actually, I've read) that some people who are much farther along than I am still haven't caught the cat. I would also like to know if you can get the Mine Access Card before finishing the boosters and conduits tasks. Finally, I would like to know if I can get the rubber tube near my room (in the game) before finishing the boosters and conduits.

the necklace can be given away to Mr. Harris, where you got the business card ? actually, I think it can be traded somewhere else, too, w/o changing the outcome of the game. I just don't remember where.sorry.I don't know the answers to your other questions.

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