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Re: POA: Conduits and Boosters NEVER MIND
Posted By: aolfreak123, on host
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 19:21:11
In Reply To: POA: Conduits and Boosters posted by aolfreak123 on Friday, September 3, 2004, at 23:08:08:

> I finished the conduits, and I can email the solution to anyone who wants it, just post your email here first. However, I am completly stumped on the boosters. It would really help me if somebody could email me with the solution (yes, I'm one of those people who cheats, however, if you prefer solving the game without cheating, you are more then welcome to do so). If you email me, please be sure to put "Boosters" or something like that as the subject line, or I will assume the email is spam and delete it. Do not put "POA" as the subject line, because I will probably assume the email is about Harry Potter (POA stands for "Prisoner of Azkaban") and delete it as well (my friends know not to email me about Harry Potter). However, you are allowed to put "Perils of Akumos" as the subject line. Lastly, I recently upgraded my Internet service from dial-up to cable Internet, and in doing so had to change Internet servers, but I am still keeping "Aolfreak123" as my screen name here.

It seems that my thinking was a little backwards. I did stumble upon the correct answer, so there's no need to email me, but I am still happy to email the solutions for this and the conduits to anyone who wants them.

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