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Re: POA: What do I do now???
Posted By: aolfreak123, on host
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 19:00:19
In Reply To: Re: POA: What do I do now??? posted by Kim on Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 18:40:33:

> > >
> > > This is my inventory:
> > >
> > > Leather Briefcase
> > > / Supply Room Card
> > > / Radio Receiver
> > > / Plastic Cup
> > > / Employment Papers
> > > / Business Card
> > > / Fire Extinguisher
> > > / Round Pot
> > > / I.D. Card
> > > / Crowbar
> > > / Pet Snacks
> > > / Small Mirror
> > > / Passcard (CQ60537)
> > > / Light Tube
> > > / Washcloth
> > > / Cactus
> > >
> > > I have completed the first 2 jobs but am not getting any more. I can't find anything else. I have circled the place more than a dozen times. I have read everything on my computer terminal. I caught the cat but he escaped out of my arms. no matter where I go everything stays the same and I can't find anymore tubes for the kitchen. I only found one but don't remember where I found it. I can't get the wrench no matter how many times I ask for it.I can't get the sedative pills no matter how many times I ask or forcefully ask. I have been outside and went everywhere I was allowed but couldn't find a single thing and surely not sandstone caverns. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! Thanks A Bunch.
> >
> > Calm down -- the Sandstone caverns won't appear for a bit yet. You should go back to the sguttle that brought you there and search around for something. You don't seem to have a particular item, and the shuttle is a good place to start.
> >
> > Did you talk to the guy in the lunch room? I don't remember his name, but he will also be helpful. Just do what he asks.
> >
> > The rubber tubes won't all be there for a bit yet.
> >
> > And you are going to have to do a little bit of hacking fairly shortly.
> >
> > The cat will reappear in a few different places. You will recognize an effective place when you see it, but until then you just have to keep chasing the animal.
> >
> > And always try searching things if you have the option to search them. Most of the time you will find something.
> >
> > mac "best 30 cents you'll ever spend" rinus7
> Thanks but I really can't understand anything you told me.
> I already searched the shuttle and found mirror and cup. I tried to give mirror to lady in treatment room and she gave me an earring. I gave earring to someone in exchange for business card.
> I did talk to guy in lunchroom several times but he doesn't tell me to do anything. Also I have searched everywhere I was given the option and many times. Can not find anthing else. I am so tired of going around in cicles finding nothing and getting nowhere.
> What do you mean best 30cents I'll ever spend? I have not found an money and I've searched everywhere a dozen times.

I think he's referring to when you buy a SpiffyCola later in the game. MUCH later.

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