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Re: POA: Boosters and Conduits PLEASE HELP!!
Posted By: AndyL, on host
Date: Friday, September 3, 2004, at 05:21:59
In Reply To: Re: POA: Boosters and Conduits PLEASE HELP!! posted by Kim on Thursday, September 2, 2004, at 21:38:06:

> > I need help really bad.
> > Here is my inventory:
> > Leather Briefcase
> > / Passcard (CQ60537)
> > / Fire Extinguisher
> > / Round Pot
> > / Employment Papers
> > / Crowbar
> > / Washcloth
> > / Small Mirror
> > / I.D. Card
> > / Light Tube
> > / Plastic Cup
> >
> > I have been working on boosters for a very long time now and am about to give up if someone doesn't just tell me the way it is suppose to go, might as well tell me the right order for conduits too. PLEASE I'm begging anyone who knows. I just can't do it. My email address is
> > ( I really would like to finish this game but will quit if I can't be told the answers to boosters and conduits.
> > Thanks in advance

Not quite the answer but some hints on the boosters (bearing in mind that it's a while since I played this):

1. There are six boosters, yes? If you talk to Johnson/Kepler (can't remember which) you will found out that a certain number have to face one way and a certain number have to face the opposite way.

2. If you talked to the man at the reception desk when you first landed, you'll know which direction (N,S,E or W) the station rotates in. If you then talk to the guy with the safe, he'll give you some hints about which of these directions the boosters should face.

3. Once you have finished the boosters, you have to radio into the ship - to do that, you need to fix the radio in the control room that you can get to while flying around outside. I actually had the boosters correctly aligned for ages but couldn't pass the task until I found a radio transmitter/receiver (forget which). Can't remember where this is from - try the guy in stores?

4. As a hint, mentally divide the boosters into three pairs, each of which are opposite each other. After you talk to the safe guy, you should realise why this matters.

Can't help on the conduits, but there is loads of stuff on the board if you have patience - there are at least two posts which more or less tell you the solution

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