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Re: Perils booster help (SPOILERS INSIDE)
Posted By: megoda, on host
Date: Friday, February 6, 2004, at 05:36:33
In Reply To: Perils booster help (SPOILERS INSIDE) posted by Teryn on Thursday, November 29, 2001, at 02:55:32:

> Argh.. I just finished this game a little while ago.. I even made a cute, fairly simple diagram for the harder circuit puzzle, and finished it first instead because it was such a pain in the a** the first time around. But this time it's the boosters that are tripping me up. ^^;
> *sighs* I just forget exactly which way is right. I know I'm supposed to to 4 out of 6 in one direction.. and two facing opposite on opposite sides directions (east and west). Is this right or have I gotten something mixed up or too early?
> Here's the inventory:
> 1 Peryolitium Shard
> Passcard (CQ60537)
> Light Tube
> Pet Snacks
> Small Mirror
> Leather Briefcase
> Supply Room Card
> Radio Receiver
> Washcloth
> Golden Necklace
> Employment Papers
> Business Card
> Fire Extinguisher
> Plastic Cup
> I.D. Card
> Crowbar
> ISO Officer's Cap
> Round Pot
> It's embarassing asking for help again... ^^; Oh well...
> Teryn

If you make a table of all the different combos and try them from switching on m03 towards polar bears as well as 08, and the others towards penguins, then switch 08 back if that doesn't work and switch to 13 and if that doesn't work, switch it back and turn 18 on. Try it, it might work ;)

03 08 13 18 23 28






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