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Re: POA,I have finally found the knife and the crow bar
Posted By: lindalloo, on host
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2003, at 19:58:25
In Reply To: POA,I have finally found the knife and the crow bar posted by Tungman on Sunday, December 28, 2003, at 18:55:37:

> I have opened up some glass thingie and I put my arm threw the glass and there was a beetle inside and couldn't do anything else,this game is abit harder than the others,takes alot more thinking,but I know I will get there,any help will be great but not too much,thanks

you have a few more things to find, around the area. remember, to go back & check the same places. each thing you accomplish can change what's available in a place you've already been.
a VERY tough game, I know ! :o)
lotsa luck !

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