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Re: POA help
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2003, at 12:48:15
In Reply To: POA help posted by Lee on Saturday, December 27, 2003, at 20:27:34:

> Can't find the place where I went swimming before.
> Am totally confused as to what you are calling the sandstone caverns.
> Is it the caverns with the stalagmites (sp)?

No, but those caverns are CRITICAL to reaching the sandstone caverns. You'll have to go down there once, hack through the stalagmites, climb up the pipe and go back to that area the same way you did the first time - only now you can hurry through the path you cleared to catch the still-moving cart and ride it across the chasm.

> Are the sleeping pills different from the sedative?

What sedative? Not the tranq gun, I don't think. The game calls them sleeping pills, but if you use the janitor as a guinea pig, you'll notice that someone switched ol' Sylvester's prescription...

-Mandi aka Chaos

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