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Murkon's Refuge: Item List?
Posted By: Shruuf, on host
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2003, at 09:17:06

Does someone have a list of all items that can be found in MR?

Since I've technically beaten the game, I'm currently obeying my obsessive-compulsive tendencies and trying to find the "perfect" set of equipment for my Assassin. I was wondering which items, if any, I could still replace with better, preferably class-specific ones.

I'm currently wielding and wearing the following:

Weapon: Blade of Power
Armor: Assassin's Robe
Shield: Shield +4
Helmet: Helmet of Healing
Gloves: Magic Cloth Gloves
Boots: Boots of Maneuvering

Particularly, I'm looking for a replacement for the Shield +4 and the Helmet of Healing, if there's anything better to be worn in these slots for a character with maxed stats and resistances.

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