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FQ2: stuck in stupid land.
Posted By: searose, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2003, at 09:36:23

yep thats me, i'm stuck in stupid land.
maybe if i actually ate my bran flakes every morning, i'd be able to finish this game without asking for help several times.

i killed the flat cat, i went to the island on the log, got the net and ball. went back to the mainland. i threwthe coconut at the cyclops and killed it. now i'm in the forest by the tree with the chunk taken out. i can't figure out what to do next. if i go anywher else, i end up getting trapped by the vampire chick.

i've moved stuff around the hut several times, and can't find anything. is there something in there i need, or am i just being an involuntary couch mover?

i have (if memory serves me corectly)
5 onions
2 branches
blue rubber ball
fishing net
iron pole
huge ladder

plus a huge headache.

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