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Murkon's Refuge -- Character Speed
Posted By: tonyhawk, on host
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2003, at 14:32:45

I can't seem to get a speed increase for one of my characters. I have a Level 13 M-Human Assassin, with (Str: 17, Vis: 27, Agi: 21, Dex: 13, Vit: 21, IQ: 13, Wis: 12, Cha: 12). However, his base speed is only 2. My other two Assassins (a Troll and a Dwarf) had a base speed of 3 or 4 at level 13 (now both are lvl 15 w/ 4 speed). I've got him loaded down with iron equipment to make the most of the situation, but I'm wondering what's going on. I don't think it's a racial thing, because my lvl 14 Human Druid has base speed 4.

So, what's the deal with speed?

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