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Re: FQ1: i think i messed up.
Posted By: searose, on host
Date: Monday, November 24, 2003, at 18:24:03
In Reply To: Re: FQ1: i think i messed up. posted by silverfox on Monday, November 24, 2003, at 17:41:35:

> >
> > okay.
> >
> > here is what i have:
> >
> > Sack
> > rope
> > hook
> > branch
> > silver key
> > gold key
> > sword
> > shovel
> > scroll
> > hammer
> > nails
> > bow
> > arrow
> > fishing pole
> > club
> > ticket
> > jeweled daggar
> > sunstone
> >
> > so far i've tromped through the gardens ( found the gold there) squished the cat, opened the castle draw bridge, and am now confronted with fire.
> >
> > i found the gold from the change, and the buried piece, and i've been to the soothsayer 3 times. once though, i accidentally just handed her the gold piece and didn't speak to her first. she cackled and said "thank you"
> >
> > and yes i gave the yukyuk to the wizard.
> > i'm stuck. and i've gone everywhere. i've gone back to the farm house, picked many a carrot, fed the unicorns and the bunny numerous times. i've spit on the ants, rubbed dust in my eyebrows, kissed the troll and turned him to stone over and over. i've danced with those pixie girls, offered them my items several times (and was laughed at through it all) i sat on the stump, jumped in the ocean and rolled in the sand. chased the birds.
> >
> > basically about every option per screen.
> >
> > i even jumped in the rose bushes.
> >
> >
> > help!!
> i belive you missed a gold coin by the sprite you disposed of. check some leaves around those two trees in that area then visit the soothsayer.

erp. i'm at the two trees right now. and if i was supposed to check the notes for traps, it's not there. i think i found that one already.

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