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Re: POA - Can't get into the sandstone caves
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2003, at 05:45:43
In Reply To: POA - Can't get into the sandstone caves posted by Paula Baker on Wednesday, November 19, 2003, at 04:15:49:

> I have really tried on my own and hate giving up - it makes it worse as I no it is going to be hard to get out of them again.
> I've knocked the stalactites down, mended the cart and tried every option (obviously not the right one) that I think I can.

Mending the cart does nothing. Knocking the stalactites down, however, is the first step.

Go back up the pipe and take the cart back down there again. When you jump off, notice how it's still going? If you book it through the path you cleared through the stalactites quickly enough, you may be able to catch the cart when it comes out of the narrow passage.

-Mandi aka Chaos

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