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Re: Brackley Hall
Posted By: Debi, on host
Date: Sunday, November 16, 2003, at 01:11:08
In Reply To: Re: Brackley Hall posted by mandichaos on Friday, November 14, 2003, at 22:01:10:

hehehe!!! That response was very clever.... This is Dal's Mom.... and she has been bugging me to find out how "I" got the combo to the sphinx lock.... I told her, "Oh, go read some poetry!" Quite clever of her to write here, tho.... I was shocked to see her post here, but she is TRYING! LOL NEXT she will be asking 'how to get the spade' - "I" told her to just bug the gardener, I think he had one. hehehe Its good to see kids trying to solve the mystery - even if they have to go to boards such as this one... Thanks for responding to her.
errrrr---- ummmmm... "I" was here, personally, to read any clues as to what to do now that I have blown up the chapel - and have only ONE MORE PROBLEM TO SOLVE... whew! I'm lost now! LOL
Dal's Mom

> > I have been everywhere in the house looking for the clues to the combo on the Sphinx. The only place I can find numbers in the house is in the Games Room. I'm stuck! HELP!!!!
> 1) Post your inventory. No psychics here, sadly. (I'm trying, I tell you, but still can't develop any psychic abilities...)
> 2) If you have the means, perhaps you should open the OTHER glass case on the first floor. You know, the one by all the books?
> -Mandi aka Chaos

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