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Re: Excuse my extreme stupidity, but I am stuck again. (FQ2)
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 17:03:19
In Reply To: Excuse my extreme stupidity, but I am stuck again. (FQ2) posted by Errica on Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 14:00:43:

> ^_^ Okay. I introduced myself to the giraffe, who always lets me get away to the east. I've been around a bit, exploring through the place. I might have skipped a direction though, I don't think so. I'm stuck though, here's my inventory. Knowing me, I need to do something painfully obvious.
> Inventory:
> 7 Onions
> Crown of Destiny
> Bottle Opener
> Iron Support
> Rusty Key
> Sack
> Float Ring
> Cross
> Red Potion
> Goo
> Small Silver Coin
> Sap Tap
> Coconut
> Green Potion
> Sunstone
> Silver Key
> Bucket
> Pliers
> Sword

Actually, the answer is not painfully obvious, although you'll sit there afterwards and go "Of COURSE!" (I know I did.)

Wait a while for the giraffe to get bored (you may have to wander off and then come back), until you can come ONE STEP west into the valley without immediately encountering the giraffe. (Like the first time you came in, remember?)

Now if you go west again, he's going to notice you, and you'll be screwed again. But don't you also have the option to go north?

Try it and see where it leads you.

(A wise note to the blinded man trying to make a map: If you bump into a wall when you go north, there's a wall to the north. If you don't bump into anything when you go north, you've made it into a new room to the north of the one you just left.)

-Mandi "always look for another way up!" aka Chaos

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