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Re: Rinkworks' Policy on AGL Game Maps
Posted By: v0lrath, on host
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2003, at 11:45:41
In Reply To: Re: Rinkworks' Policy on AGL Game Maps posted by Brunnen-G on Thursday, September 18, 2003, at 07:49:29:

> You're absolutely right. The general policy of the hints board is "no spoilers", in the hopes of encouraging people to actually play the games instead of being led through them by the hand. Before this board was created (back when Fantasy Quest and Brackly Hall were the only AGL games on the site), Sam and I answered help requests by email, and we both saw a rather mind-boggling number of players who wanted this. "Ok I turned west. Thanks!! Now it says I can turn north or south. Which way should I go??" I'm being perfectly serious about this, and it blew our minds why anybody would even *want* to play a game this way, especially given that you can't die permanently or make a wrong move in these games.
> Maps of the worlds are about as spoilerish as it's possible to get. It's in the same category as people who post walkthroughs or explicit solutions to particular puzzles; they will be deleted as soon as they're seen.
> Posting your email address, AIM name or other details so players can contact each other for help, is fine. Spoilers and links to spoilers get deleted; obviously they're out there and people will use them, but we just want to keep them off this site on general principles.

Alright, thanks for the clarification. I was intending for the maps to just be used in case you forget the location of the tower or something*. Now that I think about I guess you can't have a map without giving a lot away...

*I know, the one I posted before had item locations on it... if I e-mail this one to people, I'll take the items off.

v0l"It will be ready in few days via e-mail..."rath

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