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Re: This sounds like MR...
Posted By: Miska, on host
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 05:16:33
In Reply To: Re: This sounds like MR... posted by Miska on Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 05:11:51:

> > > > I feel like an idiot. I can't find my way out of the first level. I've mapped the entire area(I think) and don't know what I've missed. I'm guessing that the way to the next level is in the restricted area, but haven't found anything, or anyone to help me get past that area. This doesn't bode well for me in the upcomming areas, but could some one help me so I can try?
> > >
> > > Generally, if you think you've been everywhere, but can't progress, you haven't been everywhere.
> > >
> > > As the sign says, you can't pass without proper authorization. Therefore, somewhere on the first level, you'll find such an object.
> > >
> > > Using your light spells and compass helps, too, however, don't think that just because it shows empty on the map doesn't mean it -is- empty.
> > >
> > > And don't expect to get it without a series of fights.
> >
> > It's also possible that you missed said object because all of your party's inventory slots were full when you stepped on the right square, so keep that in mind.
> Hmm... Well my party inventory wasn't full at the time. I always use lantern and compass. I guess I'll just have to go around again. I did find one area witha pool that was surrounded my creatures, but it only had a pair of gloves+1 in it. That wasn't suppose to be it was it? By the way, can you walk through any of the walls in this game? I'm not missing it that way, am I? Thanks for the help.

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