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Getting nowhere in POA (minor spoilers)
Posted By: Annwyd, on host
Date: Monday, August 25, 2003, at 19:41:51

Okay, I've finished the first two tasks, caught Delphine and given her back to Caroline, been to the planet's surface but found little to do there, and gotten into the laboratory (but found the mad scientist of no help). From reading previous posts on this board, it seems like I should be able to get another task from Kepler, but all he does is tell me to go check with the chef (I have; I got and installed one rubber tube, the one from the crate near the janitor, but that's it). In short, I'm stuck. Can anyone unstick me a bit with a hint or two?

Leather Briefcase
Supply Room Card
Radio Receiver
Golden Necklace
Employment Papers
Business Card
Fire Extinguisher
Plastic Cup
I.D. Card
ISO Officer's Cap
Round Pot
Passcard (CQ60537)
Light Tube
Pet Snacks
Small Mirror

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