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Re: toa what do i do?
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Monday, August 25, 2003, at 19:16:07
In Reply To: Re: toa what do i do? posted by mandichaos on Monday, August 25, 2003, at 19:12:04:

> > i have
> > 1 rock
> > map
> > backpack
> > purse
> > ID
> > car key
> > calculator
> > dress
> > high heeled shoes
> > stylish clothes and shoes
> > crowbar
> > note from Chris
> > picket
> > enrollment sheet
> > textbooks
> > rusty key
> > dinner invite
> > gas canister
> > chain saw
> > rope
> > futuristic gun
> >
> > The nerds are in the junk yard. Verna and Silus are behind the dumpster. I've finished the prefessor's task. I've been in the bus, but the director keeps sending me back to the parkinglot. I think I need to fall into the trench, but how? Please help me. Thank you!
> You've been skipping one step. Notice how you haven't had a chance to use that lovely canister of knockout gas before trying to break in?
> When in doubt, BE OBSERVANT. :)
> -Mandi "examine everything" aka Chaos

Wait... have you finished ALL the professors' tasks? All 4 of them?

I see you got the gas canister, the chainsaw and the dinner invite, but I don't see an item that will enable you to descend upon the bus from above (yes, you must take the HIGH ROAD there). You CANNOT just walk up to the bus.

If you haven't finished all your professors' tasks, go find out which one's missing and do it. You need to end up with either a parachute or a jet pack (I think), depending on the prof.

If you do have that last item and I just don't see it, good. Follow the hint I just gave you. :)

-Mandi aka Chaos

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