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Re: need help in sage's world
Posted By: lindalloo, on host
Date: Sunday, August 17, 2003, at 18:51:42
In Reply To: Re: need help in sage's world posted by MissSweetSpirit on Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 09:12:05:

> the only problem that I am having is that I cant get out of the Llagimlyn city the portcullis is still broken.... I am trying to get down in the kitchen but the guard's catch me every time I try to go over the wall.... any hits? I did talk to the tavern owner and also got some coins working for him. where else can i get coins? i noticed that people have maps, note, magnifying glasses and apples any hints on this would be very appreciated. thanks Missy
> > > this is my inventory,
> > > 28 bronze coins
> > > 10 red gemstones
> > > guard's sword
> > > stone of strenthening
> > > food rations
> > > rope
> > > tinderbox
> > > wire clippers
> > > portrait
> > > clear focus stone
> > > crate
> > > hammer
> > > string
> > > blanket
> > > sticks
> > >
> >
> > so much of this game revolves around what conversations you've had, when, with different people.
> > like, have you done any exploring of the building outside the city, south of the cave ? there IS a way to enter the building.
> > had any conversations with the tavern keeper ? for many of the inventory items, you can't get them til your character "knows" he needs them. hope this helps some.

for the map, go west of the stables, then north. you'll find another item there you won't be able to get, yet.
for getting into the kitchen, you need to read through the many, many posts already done on this subject. You can access them by putting picture or portrait into the subject line to search.

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