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I found the secret area in GOA - now a question
Posted By: The Beavinator, on host
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 00:22:58

Hey all. I'm currently playing through GOA my second time, after having first finished it a year or so ago. I didn't find the secret area my first time, so I was determined to expend whatever effort was necessary to find it this time. Turned out I was all worked up for nothing. I found it with little difficulty, right where and how I suspected after studying my maps I had made the first time. DOG!! :)
Now my question. What on earth is this anagram you all keep talking about, which is meant to give a clue? I may have found the secret easily but this one is stumping me. Obviously nobody wants to post it here, so could somebody please email me the anagram at Thanks muchly!

- Beavi "victory is mine!!" nator

Link: The Beavinator's World O' Wonders

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