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still stuck
Posted By: Isam, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 09:14:46
In Reply To: FQ1-stuck posted by Isam on Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 08:27:47:

Okay, so I figured it out after a while, I got all the way to
the sorceror. Aftore looking through some older posts I
think I need the gold key. Lots of people who are as far as
me had gotten it. I think I know what to do with it. I just
can't find it. Can someone give a hint to the general
location? I thought I had checked everywhere, but I must
have missed it.

> I have no idea where to go next. I've been everywhere,
> tried everything at least once. I have:
> Sack
> Carrot (x2)
> Rope
> Hook
> Branch
> Silver Key
> Sword
> Shovel
> Hammer
> Nails
> Bow
> Arrow
> Fishing Pole
> Club
> Ticket
> Sunstone
> I beat the vampire but can't get past the wood sprite. I
> searched the whole garden, found the coin and the jewel.
> tried dancing for the sprite a bunch of times, but nothing
> happened. I got the drawbridge on the castle by the
> to open, but there's fire there now. I'm going crazy here,
> can someone help?

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