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Brackly Hall Help
Posted By: Darth Troll, on host
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003, at 13:44:24

Hello fellow adventures,

My name is Steven , I'm 31 years old and I'm physically handicapped. I enjoy playing these types of games because they are simple to operate and give my mind a super work-out. However I find myself stuck often without any noteable map making skills. I operate the computer using a modified mouse for which i can use my mouth to guide. I can type posts like this with the help of a speech to text program, but it will not help with with graphical items such as map making.

So I ask you - my fellow adventures, not for help in the form of hints beacause I would rather figure the puzzles out for myself, but rather in the form of maps. I have completed FQ1 and am currently working on Brackly Hall. If anyone could e-mail me maps that would help me out with the games on Rinkworks, I would greatly appreciate it. I stuck in the maze portion of Brackly Hall, and would like to move on in the game.

Thank you for considering, and please, if you do send me a map, don't include any hints - just landmarks will do fine if anything at all.

Steve Geller

Thank you and good luck to all!

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