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GOA:Brain Exploding From Missing Secret Area (possible spoils)
Posted By: donotmockthepea, on host
Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 17:31:08

All right, before I get ranting, I would like to say that if this is COMPLETELY off, please spare my half decent soul.

Anyways, this is my 2nd time thru GOA, and I can get anywhere in the game. I have looked around for the secret area, but have failed painfully in the process of finding. Using Gremlins ancient anagram of "GEE OMEGA SHAFT" or something like that, I have the idea that it is either in the endless tunnel or the big vertical climbey thingie. Omega could mean last, or the more literal sense of the 24th letter of the greek alphabet.

I have looked around in both of those places and tried all of the options 24 times. If you could help me in my quest for the holy secret room, or just give me hints, or just give me money, e-mail me at

donotmock"Aww Crap I look like an idiot and this has really poor structure and grammar"thepea

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