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Re: Lost in TOA
Posted By: gwen, on host
Date: Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 21:37:53
In Reply To: Lost in TOA posted by Zeenarr on Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 15:08:52:

> Ok, I stopped playing this game a long time ago, and I can't seem to remember what I should be doing now.
> You're Carrying:
> Map of Elkland
> T-Shirt
> Crowbar
> Course Textbooks
> Rope
> Backpack
> Gym Shorts
> Note from Chris
> Rusty Key
> Purse
> Tennis Shoes
> Picket
> Dinner Invitation
> ID Card
> Red Dress
> Enrollment Sheet
> Gas Canister
> Hovercar Key
> High-Heeled Shoes
> Rocket Plans
> Chainsaw
> I'm pretty sure the last thing I did was get the rocket plans. If anyone could be so kind as to point me in the "direction" I need to go, I would be most grateful. Oh, and I don't object to spoilers ;-). Thank you in advance for the help!

Well, looks like you need to give your plans to some nerds who'd salivate for it. Just be sure they can use it in the junkyard, which means you have to get them there first.

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