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GOA- 3 questions, two about secret area (spoiler)
Posted By: Yelena, on host
Date: Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 15:35:00

1.) May I please have a hint on how to beat the Vylkerie? I think I need to have the Rink with me, but I can't find him/her/it anywhere.

2.) ok, secret area. Do I need to find it before I finish the game? Like if I beat GOA, I won't be able to get back in and explore, right?

3.) I think I've found the secret area in the chasm. I keep getting this message:

Carefully, you step up, imagining there is a staircase underneath you. Again, the air gives, but you are able to step up. You continue your ascent; the feeling is rather like walking on pillows. Soon you suspect that maybe there is a top to the well after all; still later, you are sure of it. After more climbing than you ever want to do again, you arrive at the well's ceiling. There is one passageway, flush with the ceiling, that leads off to the east.
You are hovering at the top of the bottomless pit. There is a tunnel, flush with the ceiling, leading away to the east.

And after I get there, no matter what I try, I can't get into that passageway. Or are they talking about getting back into where I came from? I'm really confused now. Am I even on teh right track? Any help would be appreciated :)

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