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Re: Online RPG
Posted By: Gahalyn, on host
Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 13:44:12
In Reply To: Re: Online RPG posted by mandichaos on Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 13:27:49:

> This is probably going to be deleted anyway, but... last I checked, wasn't this sort of post against the board rules?
> -Mandi

This isn't about current conditions in chat. It is to inform people about something they may be interested in but may have no other way of knowing about. I figured people who liked AGL might like other sorts of games, and didn't want to exclude those who don't go into chat regularly or read the other board. While I wouldn't fault Sam if he deleted some or all of my posts on this issue in a little while (it wouldn't matter soon anyway), I would be surprised to learn that I had actually done anything wrong.

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