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Re: GOA ----please help!!!
Posted By: king, on host
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2002, at 07:10:16
In Reply To: Re: GOA ----please help!!! posted by mandichaos on Wednesday, July 31, 2002, at 18:25:36:

> > Found it!!!!!! Cant thank you enough.
> >
> > Thanks mandichaos. but I am stuck again. I have been to the desert city, bought the map, spoke to the baker, spoke to the gwils, entered the shack,got the coins, explored the castle but cannot find anything clue to what i should do next. i know i sound very stupid but I need help again. just a small clue. am i missing something????????
> Hm, I thought this posted, but oh well. My fault; I got ahead of myself.
> If you haven't, go back to the tavern and ponder what Garandel told you COMPLETELY. Have you met anyone who could forge you a ring? Talk to him and then search the castle.

Nothing's your fault. I could not have gone any further without these clues from you. thanks a ton.

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