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almost finish, just need a little more help
Posted By: dragonfly, on host
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 17:08:40

Sorry I keep posting, but I need to clear something up. I've read every previous post on Brackley Hall and couldn't find a thing about where to find the birdseed, but obviously, most people had it in the beginning of the game. Is the birdseed important? I thought it had something to do with the magpie blocking the gold key. If it is important, could someone tell me where to find it. I've looked everywhere. Inside, outside, through the maze, and in town. Still no birdseed. Also, I read in other posts that this stone head has something to do with the headless knight. Is this the same knight in the maze? Because when I go to the knight and horse statue it doesn't say anything about being a headless statue. The only statue that I was able to put the head on was the one with the missing arm and it said the head didn't look or fit right. Does this head have anything to do with the knight? I'm going crazy because I feel like I'm playing a different version of MOBH than everyone else. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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