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Re: MR-item of specialness
Posted By: knivetsil, on host
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 08:44:05
In Reply To: MR-item of specialness posted by knivetsil on Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 08:36:13:

> I was shopping around in Lyesis, when I stumbled upon my first item of specialness, the Druid's Garb! The problem is, it costs just over one mil, and I only have around 400K. I think I can raise enough money if I sell all my items and equipment, but I'm afraid the following will happen:
> I will be unequipped (except for the Druid's Garb), with no money, and on level seven with my highest-level character at only 14, and my lowest at 9 (recently re-trained assassin). I almost positive that my party will die, and I'll not have enough money to resurrect them (I don't have the RESURRECT spell yet), so I'll just have to sell the Druid's garb again to get enough money to resurrect my characters, leaving me with about the same amount of money I had before buying the druid's garb, with no equipment.
> Of course, I could just go back to Perinn when my party dies and create a new party to rescue them, but that would take months! Should I just pass up this opportunity at the Druid's Garb and hope to catch it later in the game? (Again, I'm only at level seven.) Or should I sell off all my other equipment to get the Druid's Garb? Again, Druid's Garb, Lyesis, first item of specialness.
> Please respond soon; I can't go out of town, or the Druid's Garb will disappear!

Nevermind, I don't have enough money to buy it even after selling all of my items. (AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!)

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