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TOA - Can't find red dress or quarter
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at 19:54:44

Okay, I know I'll either figure this out five mins after I post it, or the answer'll be so obvious I'll bang my head against something... but anyway.

It's still Saturday afternoon, and I've completed all four professors' tasks (thank goodness I didn't have to deal with bombs or rats), and can't proceed with the day because I can't find that stupid red dress. For that matter, I can't get a quarter to save my life. My inventory looks like this:

2 Bracelets
ID Card
Course Textbooks
Gas Canister
1 Rock
Hovercar Key
Dragon Costume
Rusty Key
Map of Elkland
High-Heeled Shoes
Note from Chris
Dollar Bill
Stylish Clothes
Stylish Shoes
Enrollment Sheet
Dinner Invitation

Please, someone clue me in...

(On an unrelated note, did anyone else find it incredibly amusing that the psych prof, of all people, is the one to give you the chainsaw? I'm sure it's different if you pick different courses, but I found it funny.)

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