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What shall I read next?
Posted By: Dave, on host
Date: Monday, November 2, 1998, at 14:37:01

Hi everybody. I've decided to be very democratic for no particular reason and allow you, the Rinkworks reader, to choose which book I read next! I'll list a bunch of books that are in my "to read" pile, and all of you can vote for which book you want me to read next. The upshot is that whatever book I read will end up condensed on the appropriate Book-A-Minute page, so you actually get to influence the contents of a Rinkworks feature in a tangible way. Isn't that exciting?!?

*crickets chirping*

Ok, well, vote anyway. And Sam, I already know which book you vote for, so don't even bother voting ;-)

The book with the highest total wins. You may choose *one* of the following:


_Stranger in a Strange Land_ by Robert A. Heinlein
_The Caves of Steel_ by Isaac Asimov
_Helliconia Spring_ by Brian W. Aldiss
_The Mote In God's Eye_ by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
_Fear_ by L. Ron Hubbard


_Lord of the Flies_ by William Golding
_The Picture of Dorian Grey_ by Oscar Wilde

Remember, you can only vote for *one* book, not one SF/F and one Classic, or have a "tie" vote or anything.

Go to town! Voting ends 11/6/98, all votes must be cast here in the Message Forum in order to be counted. In the event of a tie or huge voter apathy, I'll cast the deciding vote myself. No write in votes, please, unless you intend to send me a copy of the book in case I don't own it.

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