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Bizarre holidays
Posted By: Brunnen-G, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2002, at 02:29:50

I just looked at, the online card site which makes the Rinkworks greeting cards feature available. And my short glimpse of it has increased the apparent weirdness levels of the world by a huge amount.

What is *up* with these "special events"? Some of them I could understand. Things like President's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mozart Day, all right, fine. Even if you have no particular interest in the person being commemorated, at least you can imagine some earthly reason why anybody would want to commemorate them.

And then, at the other end of the sanity scale, you have Peanut Butter Day (Jan 24).

I can understand how some idiot pseudo-holidays would be invented by card manufacturers to spur sales. But in the name of all that is not howling mad, Daisy Day (Jan 28)?! Dream of Sweetheart Day (Feb 13)?!? PLUTO DAY (Feb 18)?!?! The cartoon character or the planet? Either answer leaves me staggered at why nobody's yet wiped out the human race for its own good and to increase intergalactic property values.

In other examples, you have to wonder how far we've sunk as a society if we need advertising and a special day to encourage us to do some of these things. Be an Encourager Day (Feb 1). Hug Day (Jan 21). Compliment Day (Jan 23). Fun at Work Day (Jan 25). I'm looking forward to future innovations such as Acceptable Level Of Politeness Day, or Not Being A Racist Day, or Don't Beat People To Death With A Hammer And Steal All Their Money Day.

Thank A Mailperson Day (Feb 4) deserves special mention for politically correct unwieldiness as well as stupidity. No, I'm not going to send a thank-you note. I presume that whoever delivers my mail gets paid to do it. It's their JOB, damn it. They're not performing some noble and unheralded act of self-sacrifice. I feel the same about any other Random Job Description Day where the people involved aren't actually risking a gruesome death on other people's behalf.

And oh, the decisions which must be made on Feb 7. Should we decorate for Reggae Day or Carrot Festival? And on Feb 8, the terrible choice is between Ballet Day and No Talk Day. Or maybe this was a deliberate move by ballet fans: I would personally support a combination of Go To The Movies Day and Shut The Hell Up In The Seat Behind Day.

I like the idea of having Rinkworks' own Stupid Day cards available for those who want to send them, but honestly, since looking at this site I think Stupid Day is pretty redundant. But don't ask me to elaborate: I just realised it's Chocolate Cake Day this Sunday and I haven't even *started* shopping yet.

Brunnen-"still wondering what Grandma Achievement Day (Feb 11) actually commemorates"G

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