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Re: Stuck on GOA
Posted By: MAG, on host
Date: Friday, November 30, 2001, at 16:42:23
In Reply To: Re: Stuck on GOA posted by SilverMoon on Friday, November 30, 2001, at 13:35:27:

You need to get something out of the well (you'll need to go IN the well, so remember to leave a way for you to get out), and then you need to get something in town with what you get out of the well, then you need to take a couple of things FROM the well, and go across the lake again.

Good luck!

> > You've been across the lake... There are two things you need to get there. Once you've gotten them both (well, actually only one of them, but you need the first thing to get the thing that you need... yeah), you can do something that would once have killed you. A little vague, I know, but hopefully it helps.
> >
> > Naomi
> Well, thanks. I remembered you might want my inventory, so here it is:
> Diving Mask
> Pick
> Life Preserver
> Dead Fish
> Magic Armor of Magic
> Key of Questioning
> Food Rations

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