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Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 19:05:27
In Reply To: Perls ITS BROKEN NO MATTER WHICH WAY posted by Lisa on Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 18:16:50:

> No matter which way i move the conduiate it says its broken what gives?

You don't move the conduit. Think of conduits as streets, and the junctions as four-way intersections. At each intersection stands a police officer who can point in two ways at once, and let's say that his arms have to remain in an 'L' shape (so he can point north/east, or east/south, or south/west, or north/west). Think of the police officers as the links which you can rotate at each junction.

A broken conduit corresponds to a street which has been roped off halfway between two intersections. So you have twelve intersections, twelve police officers, and your job is to turn all the police officers so that each one is pointing to two others.

The requirement is that if police officer A is pointing down the street to police officer B, then police officer B is also pointing back at police officer A. This is the analogous requirement to having the links of adjacent junctions pointing to one another.

Also, you have them all connected in ONE sequence. In other words, if you start at one police officer, then go along one of the streets he's pointing to, to the next police officer, then go along another street to a third police officer, etc., you will eventually go through each officer EXACTLY ONCE.

The requirement that doesn't translate well to this analogy is the alternating outer/inner parallels. Well, I'll try. Imagine that a big giant rips up the whole city (which consists of two blocks from west to east, and six blocks from north to south), puts his hands on the west and east end, and bends it back so they connect on the bottom. The giant then glues it together. The police officers have special magnetic shoes which keep them stuck firmly to the road. You can think of either parallel (let's call it the outer parallel) as the line where he has to apply the glue.

He has a tube, then. The line running from north to south along the top is the inner parallel. All of the police officers are standing sideways on the edge of the tube. To get from the left side to the right side, you can walk over the top (crossing the inner parallel) or under the bottom (crossing the outer parallel).

Then, finally, the giant takes the north and south ends and bends the tube around to connect those two ends, making a doughnut-shape. And there you have an idea of how the power conduit system is connected.

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