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GOA help...please?..again?.....
Posted By: chieko, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 18:46:56

i have:
focus stone
stone of strengthening
59 gold coins
10 red gemstones
16 blak gemstones
magic armor
life preserver
gurds sword
wire clippers

I have gone to the wizard teacher and he tought me stuff. i took the boulder of doom to the gate where i got my face painted and crashed it and now i can get the bolder back, and i still cant get into the gate of light. I cant open the crate and i dont know what it is for. What is all this talk about a picture and castle? i cant do anything and this is getting really boring and frustrating. what do i buy with the gold? what are the wire clippers for? why the bucket and rope and focus stone? what do i do in the chasm with the marble stones? spoilers welcomed! thanks if you help! and PLEASE DOOOOOOOOOOOO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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