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Re: Fantasy Quest.......please help me.
Posted By: Shadow of Ruin, on host
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 19:54:31
In Reply To: Fantasy Quest.......please help me. posted by simonizer on Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 13:38:44:

> I'm still stuck. I can't find anything in the gardens. Noone has anything to say to me. I'm getting really frustrated (and I'm usually good at these. Please give me some help. Please!!
> > > Email if you want to keep it secret. Thank you for any help.
> > > I have:
> > >
> > > sack, rope, hook, branch, fishing pole, silver key, gold key, sword, shovel, hammer, nails, bow, arrow, club, ticket, sunstone, leaves, jeweled dagger and the scroll.
> > >
> > > Where are these rings? Do I have to kill the rabbit? Do I do anything with the Sphinx. I'm sooo stuck. Please help me.

Easy....first off, map the hwole gardens, i know, it's dumb, but do it!you'll find something useful early on if you take on direction, go back, check the other,b lah blah blah,b ut start north and don't lay off until ya gotta, then keep seeing what sout holds, if nothin go back to the north and go east and try again. feed the rabbit and then when ya find the cat, wait around without doin much.... The ringsa re gotten for gold form soothsayer and from a rotting fortress...

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