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Re: Perils: What next?
Posted By: Tasukette, on host
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2001, at 17:50:04
In Reply To: Re: Perils: What next? posted by gremlinn on Thursday, November 8, 2001, at 17:24:20:

> Pay careful attention to what happens when you jump from the mine cart along the central railway (just past the second barrier). You can still hear the mine cart rumbling around somewhere...

which do you mean by "central"
once I thought the cart went east, but there was no way that *I* could go east too...

> There are two ways to get in or out of the office, and you've had to use them both. See if you can get in through a back door.

Do you mean the maintenance door?
I tried it and still died ~~;;

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