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I need some help with Brackly Hall, please.
Posted By: Hiri, on host
Date: Monday, November 5, 2001, at 13:42:53

Okay, there are some things I really need help with on this game... and a few simple things I'm just curious about. I've put the things I really need help with first. Thanks!

1. I've learned by looking through the other posts that I need to paint the room-- How do I get the ladder from the maid?

2. I have the stone head already, but when I put it on the headless statue in the maze, it doesn't look quite right. Do I need the arm, as well? Or do I have the wrong headless statue?

3. How do I get into the gate that says, "Beware of Pig?" I already know how to take care of the pig.

4.Where can I find the key to the south machine? I already put the sixth cogwheel in there. Does it have anything to do with the shiny thing in the tree?

5. Do the chicken feather or lavender have any importance in the game? Are they worth holding onto? And is the cake really important, as well?

And just in case it would help you, here's my inventory:
Silver Key
Pocket Knife
Tourist Brochure
Stone Head
Translated Papyrus
Map of Brackly Hall
Map of the Maze

Thank you very much!

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